Moth and Dagger Tattoo Studio in San Francisco, California.

Payments, Pricing, & Tipping

Please note: I'm currently an apprentice so my prices will differ to the shop prices listed below. My offered flash sheets are available for viewing in the Flash tab under Portfolio and I'm available for custom tattoos as well, please reach out for my specific pricing.

Cash is easiest and the preferred method of payment, however, I can take credit card as well.

Our shop minimum is $200, and the hourly is $200. Quoted prices are based on each individual piece and complexity. Quoting a price without knowing the details, size, or intricacy of the tattoo is not possible so I highly recommend scheduling a consultation or to send me as many details as possible regarding what you would like.

As for tipping, it isn’t required and is always up to the discretion and comfortability of the client but is always greatly appreciated!

Deposit Policy

A deposit is required for your tattoo, it holds your appointment date and time in my calendar. Your deposit must be paid within 24 hours of receiving your invoice or your appointment will not be scheduled. The deposit goes towards the cost of the tattoo and is nonrefundable, I require a 48 hour notice in order to reschedule or make any major changes to the design. If you are sick, have acne on the area, have a sunburn, or any other injury to the area you are getting tattooed please reach out to me to reschedule as soon as possible, I cannot tattooed injured or sick clients.

Designs & Sketches Policy

I will not send any sketches for pre-approval at any time, you will see the design when you come in for your appointment. Last minute design changes to the idea must be communicated at least 48 hours before the appointment date or your deposit will be voided and you will lose your appointment. Minor adjustments can be made when you arrive.

How To Prepare For Your Appointment

The best things you can do to prepare for your tattoo appointment are to get a full nights rest, drink plenty of water, and eat a decently filling meal before your tattoo. Making sure you have eaten something is extremely important as you can become lightheaded and pass out during the session if you haven’t eaten anything.  

Prior to your appointment I ask that you do not consume large amounts of alcohol, exercise heavily, take any pain medication, or use any numbing products or creams on the area without notifying me prior to the appointment. All of these things can not only affect how you feel during your tattoo but can also affect your skin and how it reacts to being tattooed as well as the healing process.

Products I Recommend For Aftercare

For soaps I highly recommend using Dial antibacterial foaming hand soap, it is extremely gentle on the skin and the hand pump ensures that you won’t get any potential bacteria that a bar of soap may hold onto your fresh tattoo.  As an alternative I also recommend any Dial antibacterial soap that comes in a hand soap pump dispenser, this way the soap you use will be as bacteria free as possible!


For lotions I highly recommend Aveeno, Lubriderm, and Jergins.  As an alternative any water based unscented lotion will do.  Avoid using Vaseline or petroleum based products as these can suffocate your tattoo which will make the tattoo take much longer to heal and be prone to infection.  This is one of the reasons I do not recommend using Aquaphor.  If you are familiar with using Aquaphor to heal your tattoos and it works for you then that is wonderful, however, for anyone who is not accustomed to using Aquaphor to heal a tattoo I do not recommend it as it is very thick and can easily suffocate your tattoo and prolong it’s healing.

* If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to reach out to me via my contact page or direct email! *