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Meet the Artist!

Photo of artist

Hi! I’m a tattoo artist at Moth and Dagger Tattoo Studio in San Francisco! While I’m a bay area local, I acquired my BFA in Illustration in the city and decided to stick around to turn my love of tattoos into a career. I’ve now been tattooing since 2021. I found a confidence and self love within my ink and I hope to bring that same feeling to anyone I create for!


My preferred subject matter and style is influenced by art nouveau and neotraditional themes. I enjoy black and gray, color, stipple, and any design that is decorative or ornamental. I would love the opportunity to do more of these designs!

Projects I don’t take on include any form of realism, watercolor styles, or portraits of any kind. If you are interested in those I can recommend some wonderful artists who specialize in your desired style or subject matter!

If you enjoy my designs and style, head over to my contact page and fill out my booking form! I would love to tattoo you!

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